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Ben has had a relapse of the Grey Plague. We will not be attending Crown. I have made other arrangements for those who were to stay with us (Thanks Joan!) as Ben has already had this for 4 days and doesn't want to make anyone else suffer like he has.

So far I have been immune but we'll see how long that lasts. I haven't been able to touch him in 4 days. Much too long to not have close contact with my hubby. We're both the cuddly type so this has not been easy on us. No snuggles, no kisses. Bah.

Max has been taking care of Ben and has taken his job seriously. He cuddles next to ben to keep him warm and sits on him to hold the blankets in place. He's doing a great job. Such a good little kitty.

I hate it when my hubby's sick. He does such a great job taking care of me, and it's hard to see him so helpless. I do what I can but what I really want is to make him better, and I can't seem to figure out how to do that.

Happy Anti-Anniversary to meeeeee...

Each year on this day Ben and I celebrate the fact that I didn't marry my ex-fiance on May 1. (The doofus decided to keep the wedding date but marry my ex-best friend instead. Oh well, can't let all of those reservations and deposits go to waste, right?)

I don't know what Ben and I will do this year to celebrate, but I just wanted to tell everyone how happy I am that things worked out the way they did.

I love my husband so much. He makes me laugh, he is my rock, and cherish every day I have with him. He is my everything.

(pauses as warm snuggly feeling washes over)

This weekend I slept in and he got up early to play on the computer. As I sat up on the edge of the bed to get dressed, he entered the room, tackled me and pinned me on the bed and got all snuggly and kissy. Then he told me it was time to get up. I told him I was already getting up. He said, "No you're not, you're gettin' kissed!"

{more warm snugglies}

I love my husband.

To Doofus (he knows who he is.): I wish you well on this, your wedding anniversary, wherever you may be. Thank you *so* much for being a doofus. I am so happy I didn't get stuck with you for the rest of my life, because it only took a little more looking and then I found my soulmate.
I currently have a TracFone that my brother bought for me. It works great. However, my home phone bills have been huge lately due to calling long distance a lot. I'm thinking it may be cheaper to get a real phone plan. (I don't mind waiting until after peak hours to call if necessary, I just want a cheaper phone bill.)

Can anyone recommend a good provider? Are there bad ones to stay away from?

Let me know and I'll check out their web pages.

Thanks to all!

I love my husband...

Sunday Ben and I went to get a shelf at Ikea for my sewing room. He got it all assembled and it is a very nice shelf. (It's from the Majiker set on their website- the one with 18 little cubbies in a massive unit.) We liked it so much that we decided we wanted more from the same set, only this time with doors (because everyone's sewing room has some things that are just hard to keep neat and you need to hide them somewhere.)

Last night, Ben decided it was time for new shelves.

It went something like this:

"We don't have much going on tonight. Let's go get more shelving units."

"But Honey, we have people coming over for dinner tomorrow night and we need to do some serious cleaning tonight."

"We can get more cleaning done when we have a place to unpack stuff to."

"That's true, but there's other cleaning to do as well."

"Well, you can do that while I assemble shelves."

"By the time we get back there won't be much time for cleaning... and I didn't get enough sleep last night as it is, so I should get to bed early."

"Well, do what you can and I'll finish up tomorrow after work before you get home."

I now have new shelves. One is mostly assembled, just needs one set of doors. The other still needs to be assembled.

rustmon and ladybirdkiller, if the house isn't perfect tonight, I am truly sorry. I didn't get near as much done last night as I wanted to.

I hope you can forgive me. I really *meant* to stay home and polish the joint, I honestly did.

Ben says it "will be taken care of."

ladybirdkiller, I am hoping this is nothing like the "Melvin" incident.

But I love my husband. And my new shelves, too.

But I love my husband most of all.

For those SCA ladies who have everything...

Duct Tape Purses!!

I was highly amused... it doesn't take much on a MOnday.

And even more Duct Tape Purses!!

Books are happy

I just put in my order for "The Tudor Tailor", by ninya_mikhaila. I can't belive I hadn't gotten my order in until now, but you can bet I'll be excited to get it when it comes. She just received her advance copy, and it sounds like the books will start shipping sometime in the near future.

Of course, once I get the book I'll need somewhere to wear all of the pretties I plan to make... so I guess I'll have to start going to SCA stuff again. I hope to ease back in *slooooooooowly* and not get burned out this time around. Now that we have the wedding, house shopping, and moving out of the way, I hope to be able to clear out some spare time for fun stuff. (Yes, caoilfhionn, I will be working in earnest on my own book. If I cause even a bit of the excitement that ninya_mikhaila has been causing, I'll be a very happy lady indeed.>

feeling better today...

I think I'm about 90% back to "health" (or as healthy as I ever was at my present weight.) I didn't get *any* packing/unpacking done. I slept. And it was good. I still have a slight headache, but I'm no longer nauseous. It's a good thing.

To those I missed last night... I'm sorry I wasn't there. I'm sure you had a better time without me, I was not in the best of moods and didn't want to infect anyone. I'll see you all Saturday.

I still didn't find my teal dress (althought actually looking might have helped.) Oh well, maybe it's time for something more updated anyway. I have "Christmas" money from my mom and Ben's grandmother. I need new shoes.

There's so much to do yet- I have a few loads to get out of the apartment, then I have to finish the cleaning. I have until Sunday night to get it all done. I don't think it should be a problem.

I can't wait to see the peeps this weekend. Love is such a wonderful thing.